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Live Your Meaningful Life 

Acceptance and Change


It is in our human nature that we, with our active, brilliant minds and adaptive nervous systems, learn very well through experience.  When exposed to trauma (not enough of what was needed or too much of something overwhelming) our system attempts to compensate.  If left unresolved, we can get stuck in patterns as our physiology "over" reacts (although it does make sense given what happened).   When triggered we may freeze, flee, fight, overthink, overplan, worry, ruminate, judge, assume, compare, distrust, freak-out, become addicted, and thereby create our own suffering beyond the pain that naturally comes with being alive.  It can be helpful to find the balance between accepting the reality of our situation and changing what is in our capacity and skill to change, process, update or resolve.  

Let's work together

Providing a safe space for you to come in, away from whatever the difficulties are "out there",  is my highest priority. It is my chosen field of work, and I consider it an honor to be able to sit with, hear, guide and support you.


It all makes sense...

All behavior--emotion, thought, sensation, urges, outward actions--makes sense when viewed in light of the context in which it occurs. Context extends broadly beyond this moment to way back to the day you were born, and  before.  You are a product of your physiology, history, training, beliefs, perceptions, patterns, and so on.  Let's take a look at what is happening in the here and now, with an understanding that you have been responding in adaptive and functional ways (toward the goal of your survival). 

Learning something new

We can bring into our time together approaches I've studied and continue to learn and practice,  including psychoeducation and guidance on relationships and communication; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (using mindfulness and other strategies for increasing psychological flexibility); and Somatic Experiencing (trauma resolution).

What matters to you?

Because this is YOUR precious life, I am here to assist your growth and walk with you as you navigate the dynamic, challenging terrain along your way.  It is a grand journey, I believe, this process of self-cultivation.  It involves tuning in, identifying what is important to you, how you want to be, what the barriers have been and then stepping bravely forward, heading in the direction of your mountains (those areas of life that deeply matter to you; those domains that when you are acting in furtherance of them, you feel most alive, most you). 

You are not alone!


Through repetition, our reactions to earlier life experiences are connected to the present, like gears on a timepiece. Untangling stuck points in the now has a way of reducing the charge from earlier events and patterns .


"Pathmake​r, t​here is no path.  You make​ the path by walking."

--Antonio Machado

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